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We worked with Joyce Froney in the Ft Myers showroom to furnish an entire home. It was a fabulous experience with her guidance and understanding of our vision for the house. Joyce was able to refer us to artisans and other craftsmen to complete our home and absolutely everything was completed in a timely manner. We continue to receive so many compliments from visitors on the furnishings and overall style. The delivery people from Norris were delightful and would not leave until every item was in the exact position. We strongly endorse Norris and Joyce for your home décor needs!Read More

The Norris Furniture & Interior Team does a wonderful job doing the interior design of our model homes at Florida Lifestyle Homes. Each home is different but yet they know how to create a welcoming open atmosphere with sophistication, capture the right mood for each model and how to add those personal touches to any living space. They are very pleasant and passionate about their customers needs and wants. We continuously receive compliments from our visitors and always recommend them to our clients.Read More

I am a professional architectural photographer and I photograph many of the houses done by Norris. They are one of my favorite clients and photographing their product is a privileged. They make my job easier and make by photographs look outstanding due to the quality and distinctness of their design work.Read More

I have used Norris furniture for years, most recently last Fall. I have been so satisfied that I had them make presentations to groups I work with (they do an excellent job) and refer them to our many clients looking to upgrade. The nice thing is they have options for many budgets. Highly recommend.Read More

It has been my distinct pleasure to have worked with Larry Norris and his firm for over twenty years. His firm has always satisfied my clients and their needs.Read More